How do I join a credit union?

“How do I join a credit union?” is probably the most frequently asked question that we receive here at First Choice. While each credit union has different rules and requirements for membership, we’ll look at how First Choice handles things.

Are you “in” the community?

At First Choice Federal Credit Union, we are community based. This means that being “in” the community is defined by you living in Lawrence County, working or volunteering here, or attending church or school in Lawrence County.

The reason why we use this model for membership is to include the community, rather include only particular people. You don’t have to be a member of an organization, nor of a family to join.

But, if I do have a family member who is a member, I can join…right?

Of course!

Any family member of a member can join and take full advantage of our services. This isn’t a requirement, but we would love to see our family grow with more of your family.

Then what do I do?

Stop in and visit us today. At First Choice, you can come visit us to get started. We have branches on West State Street, Wilmington Road and on Old Butler Road. We’re open every weekday from 9:30 until 5.

And, we’re always happy to help.

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