How to use the First Choice Mobile App

We’re living in a mobile world.

50 years ago, around the time that First Choice originally signed its charter, a lot of technology just wasn’t even a dream. Think about your iPhone…your tablet…self-driving cars…smart fridges…flat screen 92″ televisions…

To grow with you, First Choice has built a phone app that lets you handle much of your banking needs, anywhere and at anytime.

How do I get the First Choice FCU app?

Locating the app in the app store is easy. You can either search for it by typing in First Choice FCU.

First Choice FCU mobile app

The First Choice FCU online banking mobile app has a green icon (as shown below).

First Choice FCU Mobile App for Online Banking

You can also search and install the First Choice Visa app. This is titled FCFCU Visa and has a grayscale logo as shown below.

FCFCU Visa Mobile App for Online Banking

You can also go directly to our app stores:

Logging into the app

since your logins and information are important to us, we’ve handled the apps with security in mind. On your first login, you may be asked about setup and linking your account and the app.

The login for home banking is the same as the app – so same password and username. And, always remember, passwords are case sensitive.

First Choice Mobile App Dashboard/Overview

Upon login, you will be presented with the First Choice Mobile App dashboard or overview page. This gives a few different choices for your needs.

  • Accounts
  • Transfers
  • Locations
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Bill Pay
  • Newsletter
First Choice Mobile App Dashboard


On this view, you can see all accounts, and their balances.

First Choice Mobile App Accounts and Balances

You can click to select the account and view all of its details.

First Choice Mobile App Account details and information

This shows all of our transactions, most recent and last 30 days.


Transfers allow you to move money from one account to another. These must be accounts that you control and have ownership of. To link these accounts, you will need to visit a branch, just as in the Transfers action of our online banking through the website.

We can choose the account sending from. Then we choose the account we are moving money into. Then the amount.

First Choice Mobile App Transfer between accounts you own and control

We then click the button, and the money will be transferred. We can go back to the accounts page to review the transfer and the account balances, in real-time.


If you enter your zip code, not only will you see our locations for First Choice. You will also be able to see other ATM locations that offer no fee for using the First Choice card.

About Us

This link allows you to view our information at First Choice. You can see our history, and how we got here. As well, you can read about the history of First Choice and our mission for the community.

Contact Us

This link takes you to the First Choice FCU website. This page will show you the various contact methods for calling, emailing or visiting our three branches.

Bill Pay

Any bill pay that has been setup will allow to send one from our phone. We can add a payee. We can also schedule a bill within the application itself.


This link sends you to the most current newsletter from First Choice. You can read about the branches, our members and any events. Plus, we have an expanding amount of information and tips that will help you get more for your money.

How to use the First Choice Mobile App (in real-time)

If you have any other questions, comments or need further assistance with your account or with the mobile app, contact First Choice at any time.

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