About First Choice FCU, And The First Choice Information Website

The staff and family of First Choice Federal Credit Union of New Castle in Pennsylvania

“Not for Profit, Not for Charity, but for Service.”

The First Choice Federal Credit Union was first chartered in 1952. At the time, First Choice was actually known as B&O New Castle Employee’s Federal Credit Union. This was the primary credit union of the Baltimore – Ohio Railroad, currently known as the CSX Corporation.

In 2000, First Choice FCU expanded our membership, opening our doors to include anyone who lives, works, volunteers or attends church or school in Lawrence County Pennsylvania. Instead of focusing on our membership and family growing from within, we wanted to grow more in the community to offer more service to more people.

Along with our new charter came our new name and First Choice’s new location.

Times change, and we want to change for you

We believe in serving our members and our community. We also believe that to do this, we needed to provide better resources for those wishing to understand and discover more about their money.

The above is precisely there reasoning for creating this website, and trying to pack it with as much useful, helpful and rich financial information as possible…

For you!

You don’t only have questions during working hours. And, you cannot always make a call or stop in to our branches.

With a website, full of answers that you need, we can be there, whenever you need us.

Our Question & Answer section is full the most asked questions we have experienced over the years (and even this week). We do our best to be direct and get to the post, because we know your time is valuable. But we also try to expand on the answers to give you a much better feeling of not only receiving the answer you needed, but understanding it.

We also wanted to have great tips and strategies for whatever income level or financial experience you may or may not have. You can find these growing pieces of valuable content in our Blog section. You will find even more in our growing Tutorials section.

Finally, we hope to integrate the ever-growing resource that is this website with you social on Facebook, and YouTube and other platforms. Our ability to share the world in real-time is growing, and we need to grow with you.

Who are we, the men and women of First Choice Federal Credit Union?

Quite simply, we are you.

We make up the people that live and work and pray and learn in Lawrence County.