Why should I join a credit union?

Joining a credit union is a simple process, that, in some cases, is easier that starting a bank account. But, this still begs the question, why should someone join a credit union?

Want a simple answer?

Because you deserve it!

You deserve to be treated like a person. You deserve to be viewed as that person with a unique financial past.

You should be rewarded.

Successful financial decisions should be met with more than a statement once a month in the mail. Everyone should be given the opportunity to repair your history in the event of any missteps.

While we cannot guarantee your credit repair status, we can guarantee that your credit union is there to help. We offer a products and services to meet your needs and are able to do it at low or no cost. We also offer lower rates on loans.

And, most important, we make decisions locally. “Community” is what helps us determine our course, not profits.

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