Serving people in their time of need – a First Choice member testimonial

“I am more than happy with the service from (First Choice).” –  Ryan F.

Professionalism can be taught. Caring about what you’re doing can’t always be learned.

At First Choice, we care about the people, more than the bottom line. We are not a corporate financial institution…we’re in business for our members.

When people first encounter credit unions, specifically First Choice, the misconception is that profit outweighs care. And, pleasantly, we surprise everyone…

New members, not new customers

When Ryan F. joined the family at First Choice FCU, he likely was under a similar misconception as mentioned above. Corporate financial institutions, specifically “big banks” have left a rather horrible taste in many people’s mouths over the last decade.

However, we are different. And, we wanted to show him just that!

“The staff at the credit union has been great. Every time I need or want anything they are on top of it, from the tellers to the loan department!”

We pride ourselves on service. We want to help you meet your needs and wants when it comes to savings, loans and credit. We do this with products that have some seriously good rates and features.

Not for profit, not for charity, but for service

That is our slogan at First Choice Federal Credit Union.

Ryan, like all of our members, understands just that…

“I needed a car loan recently and I was in and out with the best rate and the paperwork was all done in no time. I was very happy with the process.

I now have a savings and checking account with them. I am more than happy with the service from this credit union.”

What Ryan needed was a car loan, at the rate he could afford, with all of the extra fees that drown many people that just need help. We worked with him to get the right First Choice vehicle loan (, for his right vehicle.

Ryan also went a step further. To make sure that he was fully “good” in his new car loan, he took advantage of First Choice GAP Protection. This will help Ryan to cover any car loan issues and balances that his insurance doesn’t.

How can First Choice help you?

First Choice is your community credit union. We are here for our members, and we are here for you. If you live, work, worship or learn in Lawrence County, give us a call at (724)652-8393, or visit any of our three branches today.

We offer low rates on all of our loan products (vehicle, housing and personal), lines of credit and savings accounts. We also can walk you through what your best solutions are for your needs.

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