How a single moment changed Deanna’s future – a First Choice member testimonial

“I can’t say enough about First Choice.”– Deanna N

Sometimes, all people need is a single moment. One moment can change everything. Sometimes we get this by chance, by luck, by years of work…

At First Choice, we like to think that we help to facilitate first chances AND second chances.

Deanna is a member of First Choice. She is a member of the Lawrence County community. And she could be one of your friends or family  – or even you.

Below is Deanna’s story…

“I’m so happy for the opportunity to share how First Choice made a difference in my life. For many years I have struggled with managing my finances, making bad choices, and never getting ahead.

My luck changed one day this past May during a transaction with Erica in the Neshannock Office. I was telling her how I wish I could pay off my credit card and other debt. Erica with all of her knowledge gave me the best advice ever when she introduced me to a Home Equity Loan. She explained how the process works and gave me an application.

Never in a million years did I think I would qualify for such a loan.”

Sound financial advice. Service and assistance. Members helping members.

Corporate financial institutions might see their customers as numbers. First Choice sees our members as people.

We’re not here simply for profit, we’re here to help our members.

Sound financial assistance, and practical help

When Deanna came into the First Choice Neshannock branch, she didn’t need a scolding, nor a lecture on her spending or credit history. Instead, she needed help.

During a conversation with one of our skilled tellers, Deanna made a comment about her money’s life. She confessed her debt and poor credit.

Instead of smiling and nodding, our First Choice teller heard a problem, and had a solution. Deanna was digging a deeper hole, but Erica made an impactful suggestion.

By using the equity in her home, Deanna could get out from under the debt of her mounting credit cards. Erica walked her through the process of starting and receiving a home equity loan with First Choice, explained all of the rates and even showed her the best part: not only would her debts be paid, but the home equity loan interest was lower than her credit card interest.

“There is no place like home…”

House is different than a home. One is a box, a place for your things and for sleep and eating and living. The other is for comfort and for love and for support.

We want First Choice to feel as close to a home for your financial and life needs as possible.

Deanna walked into our Neshannock branch to conduct a mundane transaction. She left feeling happy and positive about her credit and financial future. Erica and Susan helped our member when she needed it, even though she had no idea what she needed.

“A very special thanks to Erica and Susan for their time and patience. Their kind words throughout the loan process and for getting this opportunity for a fresh start.

This loan also allowed me to make some much needed home repairs!

I can’t say enough about First Choice.”

What we learned from Deanna’s story – and you can, too!

First Choice is a member-driven financial institution. We are here to serve our members’ needs, not a corporate mandate or profit goal.

This focus on our membership allows us to carry lower rates than at traditional banks. We can also tailor our products and services to meet our members’ needs.

And, this is why we built this website.

Deanna had little to no idea concerning her credit history and debts. With more knowledge (in this case coming from one of First Choice’s tellers), comes more power in controlling your future.

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