Get started with online banking from First Choice

Online banking has grown over the years. To keep helping our members and community get the speed and simplicity that the digital world promises, we’ve implemented online banking for you.

How does online banking with First Choice work? How do you sign up for the service? And how do you use it?

To Sign up for Online Banking for the first time

Visit us at Make sure to have your account details handy.

Select the New User Enrollment Link on the Homepage (the login box has this as its only link) or under the Tools and Resources Tab.

From there you will fill in your information. Make sure that your details match, exactly, what is on file with First Choice. Next, you need to accept and acknowledge the terms of the agreement (checkbox). Finally, you click on the Sign Up button.

Once we verify your details, you will automatically be e-mailed a temporary password. Your Login ID is your account number.

Please note: This e-mail address must match the one you gave the credit union.

After you login, you will be asked to select three security questions. With these, you will need to provide your answers to them.

You will provide a “Confidence Word” that will appear every time you go to log onto your account as well. If ever that “Confidence Word” does not appear, you should close the page and contact the First Choice immediately.

Now, its time to log back in. After doing so, you will see the “Confidence Word” (in this case Confidence) and enter in that temporary password. You can elect to remember your login on this computer. If you do not, your e-mail address will be required at login each time.

Then you will be asked to enter your Login ID (Account Number), your Current Password (the temporary one sent), and your New Password (which must have one Capital Letter and one number). You will also have to re-enter your New Password to verify you typed it in correctly.

Now you are ready for online banking with First Choice!

You can access your account information from the privacy of your home. Review your accounts. Check on your loan status. And get valuable insight into how your money is working for you.

To make the online experience a much simpler one, we also provide an online banking app for you. Download our app from the First Choice App Store or the First Choice Google Play Store.

See your money in a different way.

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