Divorce plus Bankruptcy, then to financial stability – a First Choice member testimonial

“My words cannot describe the change in my life that was possible due to this credit union.”– Thomas B.

Making good decisions is something every parent has a task placed on their laps from the time they become a mom or dad. Support, love and making the best decisions.

In a vacuum of issues in the world, we could likely ALWAYS make the best decision.

But that isn’t always the case.

We have choices, we make life decisions and financial decisions at the time they are proposed to us. We make thousands and thousands of decisions during a normal day sometimes – no kidding, right?

The only thing that changes with age are the types of decisions we make. How we live our life is based only on learned lessons of the previous day. Old and young, adolescent and adult alike, we all have choice in front of us.

When bad decisions meet reality, there can be a problem

As adults, we are flooded with choices that help to define our financial realities. We choose what job is in our best interest. We choose how much we save, if any money. We choose where to spend money. And we choose how fast or slow our resources are saved, planned and used.

What about when you experience a divorce? A bankruptcy? Bad credit and late bills?

That is exactly what happened to one of our members…

“In the past, due to some bad decisions and a divorce I was forced to declare bankruptcy. My finances were horrible and I was living paycheck to paycheck working three jobs at a time.”

As you can see, Thomas was in a bad spot.

He was working to the bone, and barely getting by with bills, credit and savings. You might have experienced this, or been going through the same thing recently.

“An employee from Butler Avenue stepped in and assisted me to get my finances straight. With Toni’s help, I have changed my financial life to the point where I have a credit score approaching 700.  

I have gotten rid of all of my credit cards and am driving a brand new truck…that I financed at MY credit union. I am ahead on all of my bills.”

Real financial freedom starts with making a choice…

And the choice that leads to financial freedom doesn’t involving saving, or working, or borrowing – it starts with deciding that you need the help.

Thomas made that decision.

We discussed with him what savings was, how correct credit repair works and what he could do to work less, and enjoy his life more.

Quick tip:

A simple method of turning your money mindset around is to audit yourself. Write out all of your expenses, write down all of your guaranteed income and start to create a budget. Included in this should be:

  1. Money for savings
  2. Money for paying off debts
  3. Money for retirement investment

Once you have this, you have your plan.

Getting financially healthy means more than a one-time “workout”

Just like a normal exercise or workout, once isn’t enough. To stay healthy, exercise shouldn’t be something “in addition” to your day, but should be a completely normal part of it.

Thomas was getting his finances in a very healthy place. Then, he went further by growing his credit score. And, finally, was able to get a loan for the truck he wanted, not what he had to settle for.

This was a process, not just an event.

But thomas knew there needed to be more. If being financially healthy let him go from bankrupt, regretful and not very happy, to someone that is shining and comfortable with his financial self, he wanted his family to be just as strong.

“I now have Toni helping my son and his family and more of my family members. I stayed with this credit union when many City Employees left after a merger. I will remain with this credit union for all of my banking needs. My words cannot describe the change in my life that was possible due to this credit union. I consider the Butler Avenue branch part of my family.”

Can you get financially strong like Thomas?

The great news about finances and your money is that you can always get stronger, and you can always do more.

Thomas was recently divorced. Thomas had creditors and debt building month by month. Thomas has a sinking credit score. He had two extra jobs, and still felt like it was all for not.

But he stepped up. Thomas understood he could go from the place he was at (and unhappy), to a much better position in his life (and very happy). It took planning, work and action.

First Choice was their for Thomas, and we’re here for you.

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